360° CMPS

The first software developed under the Risk Reference is 360o Customer Performance Management System (CPMS). The main target of 360° CMPS; It is to provide the optimum distribution of the balance-credit that businesses give to their customers with the algorithm in the software infrastructure. Thus, higher turnover and profitability can be achieved in the existing capital structure, where limited resources will be transferred to efficient customers.

Basically the working principle;

  • Minimizing the risk of swamps and
  • It is designed to increase customer efficiency

How to get 360° CPMS ready to use?

Legal Compliance

Know Your Customer module is ready to use
Credit Risk

It is integrated with the enterprise database for the Risk Analysis module where the algorithm will be run.
Financial Check-Up

It will be put into use in parallel with the completion of the legal obligations of the customer purchasing the software, through the Findeks integration infrastructure designed in the software

What Will You Do?

You will follow warnings and alarms through dashboards and reports and continue sales and investments….

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